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We are a design studio that provides design consultancy and product development for small businesses and startups.

Designing a brighter tomorrow, together.

We are an independent company comprised of creative and experienced digital professionals. We work with an agile approach that which in turn creates great projects for happy clients.  We have two main areas of focus - design consultancy and product development.

We help create digital products for startups and small businesses, and specifically put together our product teams according to the client and their objectives.

How we work

Co-creation and collaboration.

We have found that small businesses and startups are inspiring to work with as they are continually changing and testing their concepts and ideas - things aren’t rigid.

As a design studio, we enjoy working with people who are not only challenging themselves but also the competition by creating new businesses. One of our main design principles is that we aim to collaborate with our clients on all aspects of their projects so that we can ultimately help them be as successful as possible.

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We are an independent design studio.

Founded in 2014, RC Studio is an independent design studio made up experts across user experience design, creative strategy. and web development. We specifically aim to work on meeting business objectives for early-stage startups and small businesses.

Based in London, our past work has included projects within the finance, construction, dental, healthcare and fashion industries. We have a wide area of digital design expertise including responsive websites, mobile applications and internal facing web applications.

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What we do.

Our solutions are individual. Always bespoke, and. based on your unique commercial and technical requirements. However, we do follow a tried-and-tested formula for arriving at smarter, more dynamic answers for your business and customers.


User Experience Design

We understand that it is key to put the user first - our approach to designing any kind of solution is to make sure that research is completed thoroughly, and then concepts and prototypes are designed and tested with users along the way.


Website Development

Using the latest technologies we are able to work on converting prototypes into a high performing and highly efficient digital solution - whether it be a responsive Wordpress site, eCommerce solution, or internal facing complex web application.


Mobile App Development

Whether it be iOS or Android, we can take your concept and put together a well-designed app that meets both user and business goals. We will work with you all the way until your app is live and ready to download by your users, and then come up with a go-to-market strategy.


Product Strategy

Whatever you idea is, it is important to ensure that both the business and user perspectives are taken into consideration. How will you find new users? What is the market fit? How much will this cost to build? We will help answer these questions for you.


Branding and Marketing

Developing a good product is one thing, but having a strong brand helps you stand out. We can work with you to help develop a brand identity, including logos, promotional material and stationary. We can also help with getting you go with your digital marketing efforts.


Prototyping and Testing

Getting the concept or product into the hands of potential users early is key. This will help us get valuable feedback in the direction of the product. We understand the value of turning quick concepts/ideas in to working products to get quick feedback.

The benefits to partnering with us.

We do everything

Our skilled team will be with you every step of the way. Whether it's crafting a captivating user interface, optimizing your website for performance, or creating a seamless user experience across multiple platforms, we have the expertise to handle it all. By entrusting your project to us, you can rest assured that we will deliver exceptional results and save you the hassle of coordinating multiple service providers.

Investment that pays for itself

When you partner with us, you're making an investment that pays for itself in the long run. We understand that every dollar matters, and our goal is to provide you with a high return on your investment. Through our meticulous attention to detail, strategic approach, and industry expertise, we create designs and solutions that not only captivate your audience but also drive business growth.

Maximizing your investment

We are committed to maximizing the value of your investment. We understand that your resources are valuable, and we strive to optimize every aspect of your project. Our team of experts combines creativity with strategic thinking to identify the most efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Data insight

Data is a powerful asset that can unlock valuable insights and drive informed decision-making. We go beyond just creating visually stunning designs and functional websites; we harness the power of data to enhance your online presence. By incorporating advanced analytics and tracking tools, we gather valuable data on user behavior, engagement, and conversions.


Integration is key to providing a seamless user experience and achieving optimal efficiency. At our design and development studio, we understand the importance of integration across platforms, systems, and technologies. Whether it's integrating your website with third-party applications, incorporating e-commerce functionality, or seamlessly connecting your digital assets, we have the expertise to ensure a cohesive and streamlined experience for both you and your users.

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